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November 10, 2017
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I’ve finally decided to try out Wix in comparison to WordPress. This was triggered by one of my friend-client that has decided to do up a website for their business.

As many of you are aware, Wix is one of the easiest website building platform, famous for their drag-and-drop capability for beginners that has no coding knowledge. While WordPress has evolved from being a blogging platform to becoming one of the most flexible website builders.

I have also covered a general comparison between Wix, Weebly and WordPress in this article – Website Builder II – The 3Ws. Here’s a separate post on Wix vs WordPress, comparing it’s flexibility to set up a decent looking site. I’m editing the “Mexican Taqueria” theme as an administrator role on Wix.

  1. Drag-and-Drop / Front end edit

    The most obvious difference between Wix and WordPress is that Wix focuses on their Drag-and-Drop front end editor – which caters to users with no technical knowledge. WordPress has this function too, but requires the plugin ‘Visual Composer’ (what I’ve been using) to work.

  2. Image Source

    Wix offers various image source for users’ usage, this includes:
    – Social Images (Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive & Photos…)
    – Free from Wix
    – Stock Images (Chargeable)

    In my opinion, these image library is a bonus especially for users who doesn’t have access to high resolution graphics. However, with many other free image libraries in the market such as Unsplash and Pixabay, Wix’s free images is not that fancy anymore.

  3. Grid

    Content (text and images) in Wix does not have a guide for users to decide its ratio, especially when text and image falls on the same row. In Wix, you change the ratio of text and ratio by dragging its border. However, with the same plugin mentioned in above Point #1 – Visual Composer, WordPress does it better. Users get to set the proportion to ensure it fits to screen, regardless desktop or smaller devices. For instance, a row consist of 12 columns, users can decide if the image should take up only 5 columns, while the remaining 7 columns can be used for text. This grid can allow users to ensure the next row of content is aligned with the same ratio 5:7 or 7:5 in just one click.



  4. Contact Form / Reservation

    Customisation for Contact form settings is limited on Wix. For instance, Users are only able to show messages when user successfully submits form and when user did not input mandatory fields.
    However, on WordPress with it’s default Contact Form 7 plugin, it has a more extensive customisation that is already preset. Displays other messages including optional functions such as Validation, Terms to accept, Field(s) preset conditions and File upload errors. The only downside is that fields are only editable on WordPress back end as it’s a plugin that’s installed on the theme.

    Fields selection is limited in Wix as compared to WordPress

    – Wix only provides “Email, Phone, Address, Subject and Custom” field selections by default
    It’s custom field is in text form, unable to change to other options such as “drop down selection, radio buttons, checkbox”…
    – WordPress Contact Form 7  offers various types of fields for selection such that the email field comes with validation instead of a text field.



  5. Plugins / Apps

    Wix users should find a theme that suits it’s general function instead of layout to reduce effort required and minimal customisation. As Wix’s theme is bundled with apps for user’s usage, there’s no need for user to source for applications to fit it’s function. An example would be a booking app for reservations.
    Wordpress users on the other hand can look for theme with design (color and images) and layout (full width or boxed) as priority since customising and changing the grids on WordPress can easily be learned or done using a plugin.

  6. Promotions / News / Blog

    Wix’s blog function is mainly used as a separate page to post its article. So much so you seldom see themes that with posts integrated as a part of the homepage design, but this is commonly used in WordPress layouts.
    So can you integrate part of your blog posts on Wix’s homepage as a section on its own? Yes you can, but with limited layout options. It’s preset such that all blog posts are stacked vertically.
    This on the other hand, can be customised using the WordPress plugin – Post (Masonry) Grid. In the bundle for Visual Composer, there’s also a free addon called ‘Grid builder’ to customise the design of these entries.




are not particular about it’s design or functionality,
are only looking for short term solution,
have no budget,
only requires a site to convey basic information (e.g. landing page)

Wix can be a solution suitable for your needs


requires customisation on design and functionality
foresee the possibility to expand or offer more products/ services
have a budget between S$ 1000 to S$ 2000
requires only a basic informative site as a start

WordPress is definitely highly recommended