What is missing on your website?

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October 19, 2017
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November 10, 2017

Still believe that there is no need to review and redesign your website? Go through the below points and think again. There could be a few features that are missing on your website, review and add them can allow you to cross the line to success.

Use this post as a ‘checklist’ to see if you’re matching up with the market standards, and which features to improve to be on par with your competitors. In this article, we’re focusing on design and functionality.

Question now is, what’s missing?

1. Unique branding and design

Your website design is the first thing visitors see when they browse your site; this leaves the very first impression. Your homepage should not only reflect your industry and your products and services, but also consider the following:

  • Design should bring out individual company’s color (take your logo for example)
    This will be easily recognisable to your customers as it represents your brand
  • Include real completed products to show customer’s what you offer is ‘true to image’

Make sure that your web design and layout portrays your branding so it’s easily recognisable. This includes color, font and design – all of it is critical to how your customers remember you and if the products and services you offer is valuable to them.

Below are 3 simple examples to portray your portfolio, products and offerings

2. Call to Action

The last thing you’d want is to turn visitors away – it is important to guide user behaviour to site owners. Call to Action buttons are supposed to be everywhere and prominent to attract site visitors to take action. There are several ways to do that, it is usually done as ‘Contact Us’, or it can be in a form of ‘Register now’, ‘Purchase now’ or ‘Read for more’. These are called Call to Action (CTA) buttons and its role is to push visitor behaviour to understand more about you by enquiring or reading up, this influences visitor engagement and usually improves online-offline conversion.

Here we have 3 different types of CTA layouts

3. Web Page not working well on mobile

It was researched that “Mobile traffic is responsible for 52.21% of internet traffic — compared to 42.16 percent from the previous year.” (Source: hosting facts) This is the amount of people you turn away for not having a responsive website.

Every design should be created with the mobile-first approach in mind. Almost all of the web designs are now mobile optimised, especially if it’s developed on WordPress.

There are 3 simple steps in mobile design:
Understand your customers, expect what they’re looking for, be straightforward

The 3 main things on mobile homepage for direct navigation could be:
Products & Services, Pricing/ Menu/ Promotions, Contact Information

Automotive Mobile

Food Mobile

If you’re looking for inspirations, there are a wide variety of themes for your reference in Envatomarket/Themeforest