Website Builder II – The 3Ws

Website Builder I
August 15, 2017
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August 31, 2017

As technology improves, softwares needs to match its pace to strive in the market. Website development is no surprise.

As we recall, WordPress used to start off as a blogging platform that’s so popular the 80s and 90s kids each own one. But what we have now is an improved WordPress and 2 more new web development platform especially cater to those without coding knowledge – Wix and Weebly.

Wix Weebly WordPress
Popularity : >109 million users Popularity : >40 million users Popularity : >75 million users
Template Design : > 510 free templates Template Design : > a hundred free templates Template Design : > 65 free templates
Flexibility : App integration Flexibility : You will have access to their template codes Flexibility : Plugins to install and access to template codes
Exporting your Site :
Unable to export entire site
Exporting your Site :
Export into HTML / CSS but not all tools are compatible with other platforms
Exporting your Site :
Complete export function using plugins or database

Wix – Your existing content will not be automatically transferred into the new template if you change your template design.
Weebly – Style modifications to your site, can be a bit challenging if you don’t know the codes.
Their templates have designated drag & drop zones, so you can only insert content in those specific areas.

My advice would be, unless you’re thinking to develop your own site, engage a freelancer to develop a customised WordPress site. There’s more room for customisation and ‘add-ons’ when you expand your business!