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November 28, 2017
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December 19, 2017

Are you curious as to who put their faith in me to abandon Wix and go with WordPress?
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Have you seen Easy Eggs by JAR around in event spaces? Hurry and follow their website and social media to find out what they’ve been up to!

E asy Eggs by JAR is a local pop-up concept stall established in March 2017. Even though they’ve only been operating for 9 months, the events they participated are a cut above. These local buddies creates delicious bites using Quail Eggs, sure to surprise your taste buds!

Similar to many of you starters out there, they gave Wix a shot hoping to aid their online presence. As they do not have any technology or web related experience, Wix ought to be a suitable choice for their first step. In my previous post, I’ve highlighted some points that Wix could be a kick-starter solution if you’re not particular on design or functionality. Well, we can’t have the best of both worlds without some effort. So Easy Eggs by JAR took some time to look through the ready templates provided by Wix, made some changes but has encountered obstacles along the way – such as positioning, alignment and selection options especially in the contact form section.

Eventually, they found themselves in a dilemma – to save cost and have a template web or go for a professional looking web with much more room for customisation. I am thankful for the trust JAR has put in me to create their webpage. It might be difficult to make a choice between a supposed easy platform (Wix) or take part of your budget for a customised web (WordPress or not), but the answer could be obvious, especially when you had a go at Wix yourself. As much as its drag and drop capability that is supposed to be suitable for beginners, the limitations are just not worth the competition with WordPress.

I understood that from their experience while trying to use Wix has not been as easy as ‘drag and drop’, it has also help them understand what they really wanted. Being a new organisation, there is so much more they can evolve. In the long run, considering the options to revise their site layout, Wix just doesn’t seem to fit. So, ask yourself, what exactly do you have planned in mind?

It often started off as “I need a website”, then it goes on to “Budgeting and Value”, or probably more. These thoughts are usually intertwined, when you realise you need something, the natural instinct is to do research, and then it involves cost – which often comes hand in hand with value. The value here can be “is the amount worth the effort?” Or “how important is this to me”?

In JAR’s case, they had their struggle, but I’m glad that is over. During my design process, the concept they’re looking for is minimalist and creative. The main purpose of the website is to reach out to event organisers and food-aholics to share their innovative bites. If you require creative egg snacks in your party, they’re the right people to look for. Looking through the past events they participated has proven their capability to cater to crowds, so fret not!

They’re currently stunning the crowds at the Christmas Wonderland event in Gardens by the Bay – Supertree Grove, from 1st December – 26th December 2017, visit their booth now!

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