Social Media or Website

Freelance & Remote vs Traditional Workers
July 29, 2017

Is social media sufficient for businesses?

I’ve encountered many people sharing the same question in their mind – “I already have a Facebook account, why do I need a website?”

Beginning with your website, it is important how you position yourself and the kind of impression you want to leave your customers.
Take note how we use the word “how you” and “you want” – it’s your choice.

We live in a world where people look up for information online, and the results that comes up are usually websites, not social media accounts. That is of course unless you don’t have a website, or spend your money on Facebook advertisements. People are quick to judge if they’re interested in the products and services you offer, simply by browsing through the site you direct them to.

First impression counts. If your site does not tell people what products and/or services you offer, you’re missing out on opportunities for prospects to identify you.

Just how much information can actually be shared accurately by using social media?

It can act as a portal to share news and images of the business, but it does not bring out the identity nor can it convey information to customers.

By building a website you are giving your business the opportunity to tell prospects why they should trust you and the opportunity to showcase your “products”.