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October 30, 2017
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It was a joy working with the three musketeers, namely Khoon Hui, Joyce and Vincent. If you’re a whisky lover, this is one place you cannot miss.  According to The Whisky Magazine (the standard bearer for whisky connoisseurs the world over), they have been recognised as:

a Great Whisky Bar of The World for outstanding presentation, promotion and knowledge of great whiskies from around the world

This local couple started their venture in 2005 as a humble retail kiosk called “The Whisky Store”. They opened their first whisky bar in 2006 and was renamed “Quaich Bar” a year after operations. Till date, it’s been 10 fruitful years with several notable accolades as proof of their hard work.

They had a clear vision for Quaich Bar and found a way to cater to different types of customers with the same passion in whiskies. As they share their passion with whisky enthusiasts, they decided to separate the two arms of the business.

Quaich Bar is sit down bar especially popular for social gatherings and entertainment. As the name explains, Quaich is named after the Gaelic cup, a symbol of welcome and friendship. Read about how Quaich Bar came about and it’s amazing story founded by local couple; Khoon Hui and Joyce.

The Whisky Store on the other hand is now the retail and wholesale arm which stocks a wide range of boutique whiskies. It was awarded the ‘Great Whisky Bar of the World’ title by the international Whisky Magazine. Browse through their collection of whiskies and exclusive private collection, you’ll be in for a treat! Not only does The Whisky Store website showcase their products, check out for their News & Updates for promotions and events.

Background: We were acquainted through the company I previously worked for as a Project and Account Manager.

I am honoured to be given this opportunity to create Quaich Bar’s website and redesign The Whisky Store’s.

The Whisky Store has its own website developed in 2014 on Joomla by a creative agency. The original idea was to incorporate Quaich Bar into the existing Whisky Store’s web page. After understanding their objectives, I proposed for Quaich Bar on a separate web to be distinguished from the retail and wholesale Whisky Store’s arm, while linking both sites so it’s easily visible by customers.

Did you know there are whiskies that are exclusive to only retail and wholesale at The Whisky Store?


In Quaich Bar’s development, you can read up on the milestones they’ve come this far and the culture they strongly believe in – to gather all whisky enthusiasts in one place for enjoyment. During our discussion, we’ve lined up information that would help visitors understand them better, and separated products-focused content to be hosted under The Whisky Store (currently under works).

  • Both sites are aligned with the same color code (Red and Grey) with similar design to ensure there’s no change in customer impression.
  • In Story, you’ll notice a different presentation style of Quaich Bar’s milestones since they started. See how much they’ve grown!
  • Fret not if you’re confused with the locations, an interactive map on both sites always comes handy if you need navigation. Reaching them can be as easy as a phone call away, or share your thoughts through the simple web form.
  • Newly posted information on their Facebook page can also be found on the footer of the site. It is now, to share the love!




After so much talks about Quaich Bar, are you curious how I make wonders to the new look for The Whisky Store?

P.S. The Whisky Store is still under works, here’s a before-after preview:

homepage before


homepage after


products before


products after


Stay tuned for The Whisky Store newly furnished website by it is NOW