How Often Should You Update or Rebuild Your Website?

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August 31, 2017
Website, Web Application or a Hybrid?
September 28, 2017


When determining the needs of a site, we may find that the CMS on which it is built needs to be upgraded, or we may recommend moving to a different platform entirely.

Q: Why would I redesign the look and feel of my website but not rebuild it?

A: There are a variety of factors why you should redesign your website, but here are several that explains why you’ll require an update.

You’ve got new branding and color scheme for your business,
Your business has grown to offer more products and services,
You’ve received feedback on your site

Q: When do I need to rebuild then?

How can the site be more usable for the target audience?

A: When your website doesn’t serves it purpose to achieve your desired goals.

Your website is loading too slow,
Your website is not mobile responsive / mobile friendly,
Your website was developed on a older platform or HTML – this will make the person managing it hard to navigate or update the site

Q: What developments might require me to reengineer my website from scratch?

A: The most important one is if your current site doesn’t adapt to smaller device screens; i.e. iPad and mobile screen

Your codes are not up-to-date and compliant with modern browsers,
You require a programmer to make simple changes and fixes
It takes forever to load


Whatever approach you choose, it’s important to understand the needs of a site’s users as well as the technology that drives it.


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