Freelance & Remote vs Traditional Workers

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July 10, 2017
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August 15, 2017

One of the greatest innovations for tech entrepreneurs over the last few decades has been cloud computing


Many companies are already cultivating the new work environment; work remotely. Some are even using freelancers now. Personally, I’m in favour for remote employees. Yes, it is tough to manage but you’ll be surprised that many of them are more productive than your traditional eight to five workers.

The advantages of hiring a freelancer or remote worker:

  1. The cost is definitely lower than your traditional employees
  2. You may just sourced yourself a talent from other countries
  3. It’s more flexible and both yourself and these talents gets to spend more time for their loved ones

Of course it’s not all pretty scenarios, there are challenges too. Like, how do you manage them successfully and definitely not all roles are suitable for this new environment. More importantly, how do you build the right culture?

Nevertheless, there are people with multiple skill sets that fail to shine due to their roles and responsibilities with the company. I come from a Sales and Support background, but has grown to a Project Manager managing remote and outsourced developers yet at the same time I develop websites for clients along with my team.

Now that I decided to share my expertise, I’d love to spread the importance of having a well built website.