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December 8, 2017
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January 23, 2018

I am excited to know many of my friends (personal or work related) share the same view in having a professional website. Going back to my very first article “Social Media or Website” – is social media sufficient for your business? I am delighted to share that one of my client-friend sees the same value as I did, no, social media is never sufficient if you want know what your customers are looking for; information available on Facebook is never enough.

Notice how I always use client-friend? These are the people who put their faith in me; clients who became my friends and friends that became my client. I am honoured to gain their trust and share the same belief I have in websites.

Straight from the oven is BRICKFORD CONSTRUCTION; the trusted quality general builder in Singapore. Incorporated in 2012, they house a team of dedicated “next-generation” builders; ensuring the standards of quality homes. Like many of you out there, they started their online presence on Facebook.

Similar to many interior designer (ID) firms, the construction industry mainly showcase their portfolio and services they provide. This allows their business to build up branding, credibility and allows customers to understand them better. This is what both BRICKFORD and myself believe in, branding, credibility & understanding.

BRICKFORD website is built with the focus to save time and space while managing the platform, which is reflected on their gallery page. At this initial roll off phase, we’ve included available images not sorted in any order, to allow customers view their work. We’re currently working to sort their gallery by projects so it’s easier for customers to have an overview depending on their project type, so stay tuned while we do wonders!

The website is designed with the concept to allow convenience for users and web owners (since it’s supposed to be easily manageable):

  • The layout of the site is designed to reduce scrolling
  • Homepage that shows 3 main project images are designed such that not only you have only 1 view, but also expect the other images in “half preview
    • This can be compared to majority sites where only 1 huge image is displayed, other images are in queue. This is usually indicated by small dots/ arrows to represent the total number of images on the same section
  • To maintain their original branding image, the main colour combination/ effects used are black, white, grey
  • Header on each page is designed to allow visitors have a clear view on the content they’re viewing
  • Individual content description under About is also separated by tabs to be consistent with our original idea (to reduce scrolling)
    • You can read about their company, founder, and even the services they offer without scrolling. It’s all laid out in one view so visitors can look up information in just one click.
  • The highlight under Contact would be it’s header; TRUST
    • Trust them, because they truly understand the standards of quality homes


brickford home

Brickford Home

If you’re looking to redesign/ develop your nest, do consider BRICKFORD! Their veteran founder has led the team with amazing results, not forgetting their dedicated team of “next-generation” builders. Now, you have experience and trendy on the scale, what’s there to consider?!

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