Bots made my life easier
Check out the “next-generation” builders
December 19, 2017

First post in 2018 on my thoughts with Bots. I’ve recently read an article on useful Telegram groups and bots that will improve our lives. Below are 3 groups / bots that comes handy:

For all Grab & Uber supporters:
Look for “@sgcabpromos” channel and get the discount codes!

Bots chat in command languages, so you’ll see some weird text here if you’re not familiar with commands.

Chat with “@ShiokBot” to get useful information while on the go!
Key in /start, and a list of available information will be replied to you instantly. You can even expect information like weather, latest headlines, grab/ uber promo codes, traffic images, SGD rates, PSI readings, 4D & Toto results.

Join “@BusTimeBot” for frequent bus travellers, let’s you plan your walking time to the bus stop!
Key in /search with your <address> OR <postal code>, to retrieve bus arrival time. Example: /search boon keng market & /search 118426. BusTime will reply you with a list of available buses and their estimated arrival time at your stated location. Having to input the nearest landmark will show you the nearest few bus stops and their available buses too, this saves you alot of time having to find out where to take the right bus; especially applicable if you’re new to the place!

Aside from Telegram, did you know there’s a mobile app that allows you to chat with bots too? It’s called GrabJobs. As the name states, it helps you to grab new jobs within 5 working days! This mobile app is especially useful for recruiters/ hiring managers, and beneficial for jobseekers as it shortens the initial screening process.

How it works for recruiters/ hiring managers:
Input a list of requirements in Q&A format for the open position, you get to set the ‘importance’ of these questions by rating them.
Example: The role you’re hiring requires working knowledge for Photoshop and to commence work ASAP, so you set these 2 questions with high ratings so that when applicants respond, their answers are immediately filtered accordingly.

How it appears to jobseekers:
All questions set by the employer will appear in ‘conversation’ format.
Example: I’ve applied for the above mentioned role, the first question appears with options to select for answers. Once an answer has been selected, the next question automatically appears as it is when you’re chatting with a friend on WhatsApp / text message.

This allows both employers and jobseekers to connect more efficiently such that recruiters no longer receive irrelevant profiles that does not meet the stated requirements on the posted job description. Imagine having to go through hundreds of applicants’ information and at least 10% of those did not meet the important criteria. On the other hand, as a jobseeker, instead answering calls from the 10th company you’ve applied for (you often forget which role and company) after a week, or even missing unknown calls early in the morning, you now have an opportunity to know better who you’re chatting with. And it takes you less than 5 working days!

Bots are now so much smarter and useful that makes our life more efficient. What do you think?