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Past vs Present
October 16, 2017
What is missing on your website?
October 30, 2017

Some of you may find it difficult to relate what I’ve previous posted on “Past vs Present“, so here’s a relatable version:

  1. User Interface = Appearance
    So, the question posted was “Are your fonts hard to read?“Let’s take an individual as an example, does the appearance appeal to you? What kind of impression do you want to leave others?

    Compare someone who wears shorts to a meeting vs someone who wears a suit.
    You would want to be the one in suit, it goes the same for your business image.
  2. User Experience / Interaction = Communication
    Let’s drill down to more in depth understanding by asking “How easy is it for visitors to find what they need?“On an individual level, how approachable are you? Do you communicate with people well?
    And in business terms, it would be understood as,

    “Did I provide sufficient and important information to potential customers?”
    “Did they understood what my business does?”

    Apart from the impression you leave others, the next critical step to ensure you don’t turn your customers away is to be clear of what you offer and how it can help them.

  3. Responsiveness = Accessibility
    In the previous post, I mentioned if it’s fitted on any device’s screen. This branches out to 3 categories – desktop, iPad and mobile.
    This will relate to about both point #1 and #2. With Google’s algorithm and mobile being the most used device, you wouldn’t want to push away your potential customers by having cut-off texts or images while viewing your website on mobile. You can of course view the view site, but it requires you to scroll left-right to read the full sentence and pinch / zoom out to view the full image.
    Question here is “Do you want your customers to only view your website on desktop (large devices)?”For instance, can your potential customers Call / Skype or Whatsapp you for queries or support?
    The bottom line is – the more channels you can be reached, the wider your audience gets, so does your business.

If you have friends that’s looking for redesign or build up a websitedirect them to ME!

Here’s a sample for your reference applicable to above 3 points.

Note: I’ve covered the brand information to ensure privacy of this business

desktop view

mobile view